Partners' Visions & Jury Members

Václav Pixa, technical director @ Robert Bosch

Key Topics:

  • Artificial intelligence provides significant prerequisites for automated driving

  • Predictive maintenance with AI predicts machine downtimes and increases productivity

  • Use of AI in video based solutions

Ten years from now, scarcely any Bosch product will be conceivable without AI. It will either posses that intelligence itself, or AI will have played a key role in its development or manufacture. Bosch plans to increase its in-house AI experts from 1,000 to 4,000 by 2021. They work on nearly 150 projects focused at commercial applications for manufacturing, buildings, and automotive engineering. For example the SoundSee algorithm applies machine learning to hear if something is broken and multi-purpose camera for automated driving combines image-processing algorithms with AI methods. It can spot pedestrians and then recognize and predict their behavior. Show us what can be next!

Sebastian Thiemann, Head of Application Center Prague @ Siemens

Key Topics:

  • Predictive Maintenance for machinery health
  • Intelligent quality assurance using AI
  • Grasping tasks for robotics applications in packaging machines

Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and other Industry 4.0 cutting-edge technologies into production processes is inevitable and plays a key role already today. For example, Siemens uses the AI solutions in the area of predictive maintenance. Thanks to the power of AI, engineers can predict when a key component is likely to fail, which allows them to react in advance to avoid a costly breakdown of the machine. Also, look at the packaging industry, by integrating AI into the PLC, machines can perform several tasks at the same time and are more precise when it comes to grasping point detection, object detection or classification. Or quality assurance, where machine-learning algorithms help systems that perform visual quality checks in production or image-guided robot systems react much more flexibly to unexpected situations and to quality defects. Grasp the opportunities brought by digitalization to help companies stay ahead of the competition and show us what can be next!

Jarmila Plachá, Head of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab

Key Topics:

  • AI and predictive maintenance
  • AI and big data: practical exploitation and impact on business (e.g. Sales predictions, Demand prediction, Analysis of new trends that can have a significan impact)
  • AI and new mobility services: how can AI further develop new mobility services (e.g. car-sharing – prediction of customer behaviour, multi-modal transportation and prediction of individual preferences, etc.)

ŠKODA AUTO takes AI very seriously and looks for the opportunities for its best possible use in a wide-range of activities – from HR and purchasing through R&D and production to marketing and sale. Step by step AI is being implemented to our daily business like for example sound and predictive analysis, virtual assistants, text and language analysis or processes automation. Knowledge and use of AI is going to become a huge competition advantage in the future. That´s why every interesting idea, every new solution presented in this startup program can accelerate ŠKODA AUTO business.

Vít Šimral, City Council Member @ City of Prague

Key Topics:

  • AI for mobility and urban development
  • green technologies for Smart Cities
  • AI and security

It is said that artificial intelligence will change how we see the world today. The disruption will be so strong that it will influence how we live in the cities as well as how we manage the cities. Therefore we want to explore the phenomenon, be pioneers and support startups and companies who are in it with us. This startup contest might be your first step, but your ideas and innovations can directly impact lives of you, your families and friends. Let’s work together on putting artificial intelligence to good use in real life!